Garden Canopy Lighting

Integrated Lighting

from £195 +VAT

Further enhance your structure with LED lighting incorporated into the back of the eaves beam on your canopy or veranda. This fantastic upgrade adds an extra dimension to your outside space and will help to extend your use of the garden late into the night.

The low power usage of LED lighting makes it a fantastic option; consuming up to 90% less power than normal bulbs and barely impacting your utility bills. The extended lifespan of our LED lighting will also save you money on maintenance and replacement costs.

Lighting upgrades are priced at £195 +VAT


Improved Safety

Incorporated LED light is especially useful for visibility at night, allowing you access to items you may have stored under your structure at any time of day. LED lights also provide extra safety for you and your guests using the covered pathway after dark.

Evening Parties Outside

With so many opportunities to entertain friends and family; LED lighting in your canopy or veranda system allows you to continue the party long after the sun has gone down without the need for extra equipment.


Many of our customers like to enjoy a good book outside, but this isn’t so easy during the darker months of the year. The LED lighting in our canopy and veranda kits provides the perfect level of light for reading, sewing or other close up craft activities.


  • Designed to fit into the underside of the wall plate, the eaves beam and the glazing bar.

  • Low power output 12v LED system.

  • LED system features a full remote control system, no awkward to reach switches.